New Gun ad campaign

by: Chuck -
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It looks like Activision is having a little different ad campaign for their upcoming game Gun.  Billed as a sneak peak into the world behind the game, this site is supposed to provide you with some insight into the game as well as letting you play a little poker.  We were also instructed to pass along the following information to our readers:

Got five minutes? These four tips will get your readers fully immersed and caught up in the world of Last Call Poker, right now.

1.       Play free online poker with the dead: Create a user profile and get 10,000 chips to start.

2.       Discover the secret story: Enter andadaughter in the “player profile search” bar on any page.

3.       Catch up on all the action so far: Visit “The Muck” for plot summaries and action-packed videos.

4.       Play poker in real graveyards across America: Learn the rules for Tombstone Hold ‘Em, and play with dead people at a cemetery near you

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