New Gears 3 DLC is puntacular

by: Nathaniel -
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Epic announced today the next downloadable content package for their bloody and bloody fun shooter, Gears of War 3.  The package includes new maps, new character skins, and most importantly, NEW ************* WEAPON SKINS!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!  I'll wait until you're done high-fiving random strangers....  Ok, good.  Anyway, the maps are based on campaign locations and will be playable in all the multiplayer game modes Gears of War 3 offers.  The maps are called The Slab, Escalation, Depths, Anvil, and Academy.  But the most interesting feature is the ability for the player to reset their experience and rank, start over, and work their way back to the top.  "The point?" asked the entire Internet in unison.  Well, every time you re-up, you get a new rank icon color and access to special  HOLY **** MORE WEAPON SKINS!!!!!!!!  BRO-5s ALL AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!  
I'm sure you're wondering what the damage is for all this Epic epicness; it's free for season pass holders, and 800 Microsoft Points ($10 in big-boy bucks) for the rest of us.
Now for the puntacular part:  The package comes out on January 17 and, wait for it, is called Fenix Rising.  Wow.  What do you want to bet they've been sitting on that beauty for years just waiting for the right moment to unleash it on an unsuspecting public and cement themselves as the all-time winners of puns?
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