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As always I'm striving to put in new features to the site. Since my move to .NET, adding new features has been A LOT easier than with the original site which was written in old ASP.  A few new features were just added including:
  • Advance Archive
    • In the menu bar select Archive and Advance. In that section there's a more granular display of articles and news specific to a company or product. There are also links now in the news items, RSS feed, and the articles to this area if you want some more content on our site about the subject at hand.
  • Company specific RSS feeds
    • Say you just want news and articles on a specific company. Go to the Archive->Advance and in the drop down select a company. Once the page refreshes, an RSS link will appear to the right of the company drop down. That link will be the RSS feed for that specific company.
  • Links to platforms via icons
    • The icons that signify what platform the article is for is now also a link to the platform. The PC icon links to the PC section, the PlayStation 3 icon links to the PS3 section and so forth. The icons in the article and the article headlines are active.
  • Bug fixes
    • I do keep track of errors that occur on the site so I've fixed a few bugs here and there to hopefully remove the .NET specific error pages that pop up. If someone finds one please let me know and I'll track it down.
More features are on the way!
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