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by: Sean Colleli -
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September 7th marks the release of the Metallic Silver DS Lite, so if you still don't have Nintendo's strangely popular portable this is another excuse to finally get one.  The silver DS joins a host of other colors already on the market, including a very limited edition gold Legend of Zelda DS.  I can imagine the lucky collectors with that piece of swag are comparing their DS bling to the new silver model.  Personally, I'll stick with my jet black DS, at least until Trauma Center makes me wear out the touch screen.

Nintendo DS Fans Have a Hot New Color for the Fall: Metallic Silver


In some venues, silver is the color of second place. For Nintendo DS™, silver is No. 1. Starting Sept. 7, Metallic Silver joins the Nintendo DS color palette. The new Metallic Silver version makes a nice addition to any tech collection, whether you're a gadget hipster or fashionista. Watch for the Metallic Silver DS to be featured in the new upcoming Nintendo DS print ad featuring actress Liv Tyler.


Millions of people around the world, from core gamers to new players, have discovered Nintendo DS. Some like to play traditional games like New Super Mario Bros.™, Mario Kart® DS or The Legend of Zelda®: Phantom Hourglass. Others use it to train their brains with Brain Age®: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day or solve puzzles with Crosswords DS. With a library of more than 600 games in every conceivable genre, there's a game or experience for everyone.


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