New Crysis 3 concept art and screenshots

by: Nathaniel -
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So they're calling Crysis 3 a sandbox shooter.  Is it really?  The first Crysis definitely was.  It was as much a sandbox shooter as Crysis 2 was painfully linear by comparison.  There's not a lot of information on Crysis 3's gameplay as of yet, but hopefully calling it a "sandbox shooter" means Crysis 3 will be more like the original instead of the vastly inferior sequel.

Anyway, Crysis 3 returns to New York City where we find original protagonist Prophet battling Ceph remnants and probably more evil corporate security forces in the seven Liberty Dome environments.  Combat will revolve around Prophet's new high-tech composite bow and an upgraded Nanosuit.  Count on Crysis 3 being one of the most anticipated shooters of 2013.

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