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The good news: MS is releasing a ton of new content for Crackdown today.  Outside of new weapons and vehicles you'll also be able to re-populate the city so you'll have criminals to use them against (fixing one of my major gripes about the game).  The new content pack is also adding new abilities, time trials, a vehicle impound garage, and a new racing mode. 

The bad news: It costs 800 points ($10 USD)

It does seem like you are getting a lot for your money though and it's hard to complain about the cost when you are getting so much stuff but 800 points is still a lot of money for a few features that probably should have been included in the original game. 

Update: I misread the press release and there are actually two different content packs that are going to be released today.  The first is free and allows you to re-populate the world with criminals, the new time trials, impound garage and "Keys to the City" cheat mode.  The second costs 800 points and includes four new wepaons, three new cars, and new street mode.  Sorry about the confusion..

“Crackdown” Agents to Rearm, Reload With New Downloadable Content on Xbox LIVE

Microsoft Game Studios and Realtime Worlds provide explosive new cars, game modes and weapons for critically acclaimed Xbox 360 exclusive “Crackdown.”

REDMOND, Wash. — May 10, 2007 — Thought Pacific City was well on its way to becoming a wholesome, law-abiding community? Think again, Agent.

Microsoft Game Studios and Realtime Worlds today announced that there is still more crime to be purged and new ways to purge it with the release of both free and premium downloadable content for the critically acclaimed Xbox 360™ open-world action title “Crackdown™.” The content will be available for download from Xbox LIVE® Marketplace today.

With more than 900,000 units of “Crackdown” sold-through in only two months, Microsoft Game Studios and Realtime Worlds are extending the game’s unparalleled experience, offering gamers several exciting new features, including vehicles, weapons, game modes and seven highly explosive, new Achievements. In addition, Agents will have free access to improved mission time trials, an option to repopulate gangs and kingpins after they have beaten the game, a vehicle impound garage, and the long-awaited Keys to the City — a comprehensive cheat mode including new “super agent” abilities and the option to create ramps, vehicles and explosives anywhere in Pacific City, at any point in the game.

For 800 Microsoft® Points, Agents can also access the full “Crackdown” armory, which includes three unique vehicles, four new devastating weapons, co-op game types, an Agent “cloaking device” and an added dynamic street-racing mode.

The new and improved street-racing mode brings several white-knuckle races to the streets … and everywhere in between. Agents can win by any means necessary — via speed or sabotage.

Vehicle selection is imperative to an Agent’s success, and the premium vehicle additions will help gamers dominate their foes. The Agency Buggy, fitted with a turret for the new, ultimate fast-firing projectile chain gun, is the vehicle of choice in rough and tumble off-road races. The low-profile battering ram of the Agency Armored Vehicle is strong enough to knock vehicles out of the way and protect Agents from an onslaught of gunfire, and is fitted with an independently aiming rocket turret. The Agency Racecar is the high-speed car of choice on the long stretches of city pavement.

In addition to a flocking rocket launcher (the MSK Lobber) and the all-powerful MZ360 Mini-Gun, the premium content will feature both proximity mines and the HRX Harpoon gun capable of stopping crime in its path by nailing criminals to nearby cars and walls.

In addition, if a player who has yet to purchase the PDLC content enters into a co-op game with a partner who has, that player will be able to preview the new content for the duration of that game.

For gamers interested in dashboard content, one new “Crackdown” theme will be available for 150 Microsoft Points, as well as four exciting new picture packs at varying prices.

And finally, on May 16, owners of the specially marked packages of “Crackdown” will be able to access the long-awaited “Halo® 3” multiplayer beta from the in-game menu.

So whether it’s through the free or premium content, “Crackdown” gamers on Xbox LIVE are bracing themselves to hit the streets of Pacific City once again. Now, get out there, Agent, and kick crime where it hurts.

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