New Chaos Rising multiplayer units revealed

by: Marissa -
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If you're one of many looking forward to getting your hands on Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising this spring, you might be excited to hear that new multiplayer units are being unveiled by Relic throughout the month of January. 

The first entry, detailed today, introduces the Librarian, a powerful new Space Marine unit.

Every Tuesday new units for the Orks, Eldar and Tyranids will be unveiled here.

To read Relic's description of the Librarian (strong and smart? sign me up!), hit the jump.

Each army from Dawn of War II gets a powerful new addition to field in multiplayer games, and for the Space Marines it is the Librarian. Librarians possess psyker abilities and have been trained to harness these powers to serve the Emperor. They make for fearsome opponents on the battlefield and can use their powers to enhance their fighting abilities and to aid their fellow marines.

Unit: Librarian, capable of powerful damage and support spells. Inspires surrounding space marines when killing in melee.

Availability: Tier 2



Smite – Fire lethal bolts of psychic lightning, tearing into enemies within a small radius of the target point.

Quickening – Greatly increase the Librarian’s speed and his resistance to incoming damage.

Tome of Time – Grants Veil of Time ability which temporarily increases an allied unit's movement speed and removes all set-up time from heavy weapons.

Psychic Hood – Grants Gate of Infinity ability which teleports a targeted ally to the Librarian’s position.

Force Staff – Grants increased knockback and disruption to the Librarian’s melee attacks. It also grants the Force Barrier ability which sends an expanding psychic barrier out from the Librarian, pushing enemies back and nullifying ranged attacks.

The Librarian is a solid melee unit that can withstand a significant amount of damage while under the effects of his Quickening ability, allowing him to stay in a fight that might overwhelm or destroy other Space Marines. Once upgraded the Librarian offers a number of versatile abilities that will allow Space Marines players to respond to incoming threats faster, or move to safety when enemy forces threaten to overwhelm.

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