New Captain America game looking solid

by: Jeremy -
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I know that a lot of gamers don’t put much faith into movie-to-game projects... especially when it involves comic book characters. Let’s be honest, the track record for these projects sort of speaks for itself. I am really hoping that the same trend of lackluster-games doesn’t continue with Sega and Next Level Games’ Captain America: Super Soldier. The movie itself looks really good, focusing on the birth of the character and introducing fans to the lore of one of Marvel’s greatest heroes and the game looks to be following in those same footsteps. A few new screenshots have been released to the public that strengthen my expectations of the game which will launch alongside the movie this July.

The title looks solid both visually and on paper. The story was penned by an established comic book writer (Christos Gage) and the talent behind the movie including Chris Evans have gotten involved the ensure that the voice work matches the motion picture. It also appears that the game focuses on Captain’s strengths rather than presenting him as just an overpowered brute. There is a huge focus on the hand-to-hand combat system used in the gameplay which could createa an incredible experience for fans of both the original comic and the new movie.

Source: PikiGeek 

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