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Criterion just sent an e-mail out outlining the three new new modes for Burnout Paradise.  Here are the details from Criterion on the three new modes that will be available from the Freeburn menu in the game:

Online Stunt Run
• This is 8-player simultaneous online Stunt Run – everyone competes for the highest score within the 2 minute time limit and you can play anywhere in Paradise City.
• An on-screen display shows all player scores, so you can easily see how you're doing.
• Earn multipliers for taking each other out but you lose your combo score, if you're taken down.
• Eliminated players are greyed out of the scoring area but can exact brutal revenge by chasing after players that have managed to keep their combos alive beyond the time-out.
• For the first time, you can drive alongside someone as they complete a billion score in Stunt Run - you can absolutely use this mode to try and show off to your friends.

Online Road Rage
• This is an 8-player online team event.
• At the start, everyone chooses their team (red or blue).
• One team of "runners" has to drive to a checkpoint then the finish – they can only see one checkpoint ahead.
• The other team has to take them down. These guys can see the checkpoint and finish and choose whether to wait and ambush in key locations, shortcut to the action if they get left behind or just follow the pack and cause chaos.

Online Marked Man
• We randomly choose a "Marked Man".
• There's an intense few moments, while all players wait for the selection to be made – you want to stay close to other players, so you can hit the Marked Man, as soon as he's selected but far enough away that that you can run like hell if it's you that's the Marked Man.
• The target is selected and a 90 second timer starts – you get 1 point if you survive and 1 point if you take down the Marked Man. After 90 seconds a new Marked Man is selected at random.
• If you're the Marked Man, you can't see the attacking players on the map, your car is a little slower and you don't get boost.
• The session usually consists of around 10-12 minutes of intense gameplay depending on the number of players involved.

Sounds pretty solid to me.  No word on costs or availability yet but it's nice to see them continuing to evolve the game.
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