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I know everyone is getting a little tired with the zombie theme, but Burn Zombie Burn! comes at the very well-intentioned motives of Bruce, an everyday guy who is fighting to spend time with his girlfriend on a Saturday night. The game sports all the usual suspects in terms of gameplay modes: Freeplay, Defend Daisy, Timed, and Survival.

Before it releases later this month on Steam, check out the new trailer from P2Games below where you can see the action from both melee fighting as well as various kinds of shooting. 

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Burn Zombie Burn casts players as Bruce, an average guy who only wanted to spend time with his girlfriend Daisy before their Saturday night was ruined by packs of zombies. It's up to Bruce to shoot, burn and blow up as many undead as possible before he succumbs to their attacks. The PC version of the game will feature the standard Freeplay, Defend Daisy and Timed modes, as well as a new Survival mode, which packs an ever increasing number of ghouls onscreen to test your accuracy. Additionally, a harder Extreme difficulty mode will demand a player's best shooting and dodging skills, as you face off against hardier enemies. All zombie hunters will also receive a strategy guide and comic to help instruct them in how to eliminate shambling corpses.

Burn Zombie Burn is rated by the ESRB as M for Mature (Blood and Gore), by PEGI as 18+, and by OLFC as Mature 15+.

For more on Burn Zombie Burn head to, and for Burn Zombie Burn! walkthroughs provided by the doublesix team, check out the dedicated YouTube channel at 
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