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Neverdie Studios is working on a new MMOG for The Thing, the upcoming remake of the 1980s John Carpenter classic. Called Hunt The Thing, it's sounding less like a regular MMOG and more like an Alternate Reality Game. The whole thing is tied into Neverdie's ROCKtropia, a large Second Life-esque hub for sharing of digital goods.

The actual game concept sounds pretty cool, but the convoluted entanglement with Neverdie's game currency sharing system has me skeptical. The whole things sounds overcomplicated and more like an excuse to peddle prizes. Call me old fashioned, but I'd prefer a regular old MMO, or at least some kind of promotional online game, instead of this weird contest/MMO hybrid thing.
NEVERDIE Studios and Universal Partnerships & Licensing Launch the First-Ever Massively Multiplayer Game Based on Universal Pictures’ Upcoming Thriller

The Thing

Hunt The THING Delivers Unique, Authentic and Intense Feature Film Experience

Within NEVERDIE Studios’ Massive ROCKtropia Virtual World

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 22, 2011—NEVERDIE Studios, creators of the ROCKtropia Virtual World, a sophisticated, next-gen, cash prize--based game world with mythology drawn from pop culture, today announced the release of Hunt The THING. This new movie-length massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) event is inspired by Universal Pictures’ upcoming thriller The Thing, which opens in theatres nationwide on October 14, 2011. The game was developed through a licensing agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing.

Hunt The THING exists as an experience within NEVERDIE Studios’ ROCKtropia, a vibrant, digital hangout where players can socialize and congregate with millions of other players worldwide. Players can go on missions; win coveted virtual prizes with high cash values; buy, sell and trade virtual goods in a $100 million-plus marketplace; listen to live music; play games; and even travel through space to other MMOGs. Additionally, Hunt The THING will be featured at ROCKtropia’s Hyperplex movie theater. Once players enter the theater, they will be transported to the Antarctic, and their Hunt The Thing adventure will begin.

Hunt The THING will allow fans to immerse themselves into the terrifying world of The Thing just before the new film arrives to tell the story of what exactly happened at the doomed Thule international research station in Antarctica. After downloading the free-to-play MMOG Hunt The THING, fans will be immediately thrust into a virtual Antarctic world where they are tasked with uncovering the mystery and ultimately hunting down The Thing. Whether they choose to play as a scientist or soldier, each of whom possess unique skill sets and upgrade paths, players will need to explore abandoned bases, decipher clues, take blood samples, secure gear, gather weapons, fight friends and enemies alike, and survive the many dangers presented by the world’s most inhospitable and uninhabitable continent.

“Hunt The THING is truly the first massively multiplayer game experience of its kind,” said Jon “NEVERDIE” Jacobs. “It brings together the depth of the classic MMORPG and the edge-of-your-seat excitement of the new feature film The Thing for a true movie-length MMOG that you can experience quickly, but also enjoy for extended periods of time.”

Hunt The THING will offer players numerous opportunities to win exclusive and highly collectible in-game virtual prizes. These include a collector’s edition flame thrower; a variety of automatic weapons and Antarctic survival gear; and, for those who are skilled enough to defeat The Thing, a combat helicopter that allows players to continue their adventures after the film is released on October 14. Players who complete the final Hunt The THING mission may enter expert mode for an opportunity to win even more valuable prizes.

Powered by the award-winning CryEngine 2, Hunt The THING will present players with an incredibly harsh environment alongside a mesmerizing storyline that weaves together elements from John Carpenter’s 1982 feature film, the upcoming companion piece and the previously released The Thing game. Hunt The THING takes place within NEVERDIE Studios’ ROCKtropia Virtual World, which allows players to utilize the same avatar within multiple game spaces and carry over friends, skills and gear from game to game.

Hunt the THING is now available for PC download at There are no fees or subscriptions required. Fans of The Thing can download the game and immediately embark upon their mission to hunt down and destroy one of the most terrifying movie monsters ever conceived!
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