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Today marked the opening of the official website for DreamCatcher's NeverEnd RPG for PC.  You can find screenshots, concept art and wallpaper.  There will be a trailer released in the near future as well as additional breaking news.

 Visit the Official Neverend webpage HERE.

DreamCatcher Inc. Launches Official Website for Neverend

For Immediate Release

Toronto, September 7, 2006 - DreamCatcher Inc. today announced the official
launch of the website for its Fantasy RPG Neverend for WindowsR releasing
across North America.

Visit to immerse yourself
into a world filled with action, magic, and adventure. Check out the latest
screenshots, concept artwork, wallpapers, and discover the worlds of
Neverend. Be sure to visit often to view the upcoming trailer and for
breaking news.     

Play the role of Agavaen, a mysterious young woman with magical powers who
has been rejected by society. In a quest to uncover clues to your true
identity, you will explore bustling towns, towering castles, ancient ruins
and lush landscapes while arming yourself with numerous devasting spells and
powerful weapons. As you battle your way through legions of challenging
enemies you must choose your strategy carefully as they will do everything
they can to prevent you from completing your quests. Your destiny awaits


*        Battle your way through legions of challenging enemies as you
quickly choose your strategies with the unique and powerful combat system.

*        Create numerous devastating spells with the custom rune system.

*        Uncover distinct storylines based on how you play the game.

*        3 levels of difficulty to suit your playing style.

*        Build a powerful character with experience points gained through
battle and by successfully completing your quests. Purchase rare armor
upgrades and potions with gold that you collect along the way.

*        Arm yourself with powerful weapons and magical spells as you are
confronted by enemies who will do everything they can to prevent you from
completing your quests. 

Developed by Mayhem Studios, Neverend has received an ESRB rating of 'T' for
Teen and will begin hitting store shelves in September 2006.  <http://> 

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Suzanne MacGillivray
Public Relations Coordinator
DreamCatcher Interactive Inc.

416.638.5000 Ext. 266


 About DreamCatcher Inc.:

DreamCatcher Inc. is a leading worldwide publisher and distributor of
interactive entertainment software. Established in 1996, the company markets
its products under two popular labels: DreamCatcher Games, featuring the
critically acclaimed, best-selling game Painkiller; and The Adventure
Company, the number one brand for PC adventure game sales worldwide
including award winning titles such as Syberia and Agatha Christie: And Then
There Were None. 

DreamCatcher products include titles for the PC as well as leading hardware
platforms - the PlayStationR2 computer entertainment system, the
PlayStationR Portable (PSP) system, the XboxR video game and entertainment
system, the Nintendo GameCubeR and Game BoyR Advance.

DreamCatcher's head office is located in Toronto, Canada. The company also
services European, Middle Eastern and Australasian territories through its
international office based in Paris, France.

Visit <>  for
more information.

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