Netflix raising their prices and adding a new tier

by: Dan -
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I was just scanning through my e-mail and realized I had received a dreaded notification from Netflix that they will be increasing their prices. I currently am on the $11.99 ($10.99 base plan +$1 extra for Blu-Ray) plan that allows a single disc out at a time with unlimited streaming.

Effective January 2nd, 2011, my plan will go up $1 to $12.99 a month ($11.99 base plan +$1 extra for Blu-Ray) and presumably, all plans will also increase by $1 as they have in the past. In addition, a new plan was created that is strictly for streaming video, which will be available immediately and cost $7.99 a month. The plan doesn’t include DVDs and only includes what you can already stream with the basic $11.99 (currently) plan.

While a price increase isn’t totally unexpected after the recent postal increase, Netflix better work on getting more current streaming content available if they want that new price tier to survive.  Check out the e-mail below I received below:

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