Netflix on Wii impressions

by: Chad -
More On: Nintendo Wii
It was as simple as ordering the disk from Netflix.  Our special red envelope arrived last week.  We put the disk into our Wii and started the program.  We put the required code in our online Netflix account and within moments my Wii acknowledged it had been activated. 

The process was quick, painless, and enabled us to access our instant queue within a minute or two from when we started.  The Wii and Netflix have delivered acceptable picture quality from the very beginning.  We don't watch HD programming so the picture is exactly like we normally see.

My wife has been using it non-stop ever since.  Her words are "I love it!"  The interface is sleek and easy to use.  It's added much more value to our Netflix account and has given us a reason to use our Wii again.  I imagine most of the other gamers are using their high-def console for Netflix.  Has anyone else tried it out on the Wii? 

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