Netflix is NOT limiting to one stream yet

by: John -
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So, there was this big hoopla over Netflix limiting folks to one stream in the household for those with just the streaming account. Technically, that's what most people signed up for as it is in the terms of agreement. With the price hike for those wanting a DVD and other decisions, it seemed like pretty bad timing to put this out there.

Well, turns out it's not true. There seems to be a glitch, as Engadget reports, that was preventing this. For families like mine with one child wanting to stream Thomas The Train or The Wiggles all day long, I was at the mercy of when my son would be done with Netflix. At least this was just a small glitch, but let's hope Netflix doesn't go and hammer folks to just one simultaneous stream.

So for now,  we're safe to streaming to two devices at once. For now.
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