Netflix also gets a facelift with New Xbox Experience

by: Dan -
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When Netflix first hit the Xbox 360, it was by far the best of the versions across the consoles.  As time went on, Netflix became staples on the Wii and the PS3 consoles (instead of just disk driven) and the Xbox 360 version was streamlined and had some features removed.  With the New Xbox Experience hitting today, you will want to download the Netflix video App and install it, as it will provide some new featurses and a better browsing experience.
According to the Netflix Blog, here are some of the new features to expect when firing up the Netflix App on Xbox Live after the update:
- A better browse experience with significantly more titles available for browsing and up to 3 times more titles available on screen to choose from at any given time. You really get a sense of the depth of movies and TV shows available with a simple and elegant interface optimized for TV
- A richer play experience that includes access to audio and subtitle settings, ratings capability, episode selection, and related title suggestions while you play for a more integrated experience
- Deep support for voice and gesture control using Xbox Kinect for browsing and play functions (Confession: we really like to lean back on the couch and use the voice commands while we watch!)
- Adaptive streaming that constantly optimizes your picture quality while you watch based on your current bandwidth
- Support for 720p HD (bandwidth allowing) and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound so movies and TV shows streaming from Netflix look and sound great!
So get the new app and have fun exploring the Metro Dash.

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