Need help on a classic NES game? Game Players had you covered back in the day.

by: Russell -
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I'm sure that every gamer has seen game books and player's guides in stores, but did you know that there were also game tip VHS tapes as well?  I believe a few different companies made them but the ones I remember most fondly were the ones made by Game Players.  When I was younger I actually picked up six of them from a local bookstore for about $5 a pop.  Yes, I spent my allowance on VHS tapes for games I didn't own at the time, but I digress.

To this day I'll still seek out the Game Players tapes I don't own on eBay or swap meets, but one YouTube channel kind of alleviates that challenge a bit...that is if you don't mind watching them online.  The YouTube channel Retro Reality has uploaded every Game Players tape made.  While they are definitely on the cheesy side of things, they're worth a look if you're into classic NES games.


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