Need help finding a Wii or PS3?

by: Ben Berry -
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For those of you who still haven't managed to bag a Wii of your own there's another way to help hunt them down. is a site where you can simply plug in your Zip code, and it lists the locations of major retail outlets, projected (read: rumored) ship dates, as well as listings at online auction sites. The site updates every couple of minutes so new information is available pretty quick.

There's also, which works the same way. But honestly at this point, you should simply be able to stand in any parking lot near major retailers and say "I'd like a PS3", and half a dozen or so salespeople will trip over each other to sell you one. For example, here in Columbus, I know there are between 40-50 that are available for sale this very minute in a 1 square mile area near my work on Polaris Parkway.
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