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Artificial Mind Movement and 505 Games have just released Naughty Bear, a game that isn't quite like anything else on the market right now. I was expecting it to be typical low-brow humor but the game puts a surprising emphasis on score multipliers and tactics. The main idea, of course, is to be as naughty and devious as possible as you exact your revenge, but the most obvious, instant-gratification approach isn't necessarily the most naughty. The video game cruelty potential is definitely on full display here. I'm somewhat reminded of Madworld by this game and definitely intrigued.

Cartoon Mayhem Officially Hits the Xbox 360™ and PlayStation®3
as 505 Games and A2M Release Comic Mischief Video Game

Agoura Hills, CA - June 29, 2010 - 505 Games U.S. and developer Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M) today announced that comic mischief video game Naughty Bear is now available for the Xbox 360™ and PlayStation®3 platforms. The game allows players to take on the role of the infamous Naughty Bear, who is driven to seek retribution after his fellow bears snub him one too many times. After the other bears exclude him from Daddles' big birthday party, Naughty Bear finally snaps and slashes a grisly path of revenge and destruction across the Island of Perfection.

Waging psychological warfare against all things cute and fluffy, as Naughty Bear, players engage in sadistic scuffles on all that crosses their path. Using a hilarious array of weapons, interactive objects and endless scare tactics, gamers create chaos on the Island of Perfection to earn Naughty Points as they inflict physical and psychological harm on Naughty Bear's numerous enemies. This all-new scare-based points system allows players to win the most rewards for being truly deviant and maniacal. As the ill-fated bears become more difficult to harass and terrorize as the game progresses, the variety of scare-based attacks allow for a completely new experience each time players pick up a controller.

Naughty Bear features more than 28 single player levels to unlock as well as competitive online multiplayer modes filled with unique characteristics and weaponry encountered at every stage. Players battle an endless barrage of bears recruited to wage war against Naughty, including Soldier Bears, Ninja Bears, Robo Bears and even an Alien Bear invasion. As they scour the Island of Perfection to unleash their naughtiness, players can collect all the hidden party items locked away by the other bears to win wearable items and unlock special Achievements and Trophies.

Naughty Bear is now ready to battle for revenge on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 for an MSRP of $49.99.
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