Naughty Bear commits very wrong acts of violence

by: Tina -
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The Book of Naughty series reveals yet another violent way of taking down your fellow bear. I actually felt bad for the poor, unsuspecting yellow bear. He seemed to just be out for a leisurely stroll before Naughty Bear comes along. Plus, it feels a little bit like betrayal that he uses a bear trap, but you can watch the video below nonetheless.

505 Games today released a new gameplay video for the upcoming comic mischief game, Naughty Bear, currently being developed by Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M). The latest video from the Book of Naughty series exposes a deviant and deadly double attack that's just too much to bear. Furry friends out for a stroll had better make sure they don't hit any snags along the way!

Sneaking up to store shelves this summer, Naughty Bear will bring terror to both Xbox 360™ and PlayStation®3.
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