Napoleon: Total War pits players against one another, in the single player campaign?

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The moments that I loved the most in Soul Caliber IV happened when my brother or father were playing the single player game. I would sneak up and take the second controller and press start, right before they would get the win. Suddenly both fighters would turn toward us and "A new challenger approaches" would flash across the screen. My dad or brother would turn and see my smiling face beaming at them as the dread of playing against me filled their consciousness. It has been a long time since I've made my relatives' or friend's palms sweat just by picking up and playing a game with them. The Creative Group and Sega are looking to bring that same scenario to a different genre; Real Time Strategy. In Napoleon: Total War players will have the option of dropping into their friend's single player campaign and taking control of the enemy army. Sure there's a multiplayer mode as well, but when you strike fear into others' hearts with your presence well... it kind of makes me feel like Darth Vader. Check out the video of the new modes below.

The Napoleon: Total War multiplayer trailer is now live and shows the brand new multiplayer mode in action.


This much-requested mode will allow players to experience the full depth of Napoleon: Total War in a multiplayer environment – either working to stop Napoleon’s advance, or competing against each other to better his achievements. Each of the three theatres of war from Napoleon’s career - Italy, Egypt and Europe - are available out of the box in 2 player turn-based online games.


Napoleon: Total War is developed by award winning developer the Creative Assembly, the team behind the revered Total War franchise and most recently the critically acclaimed Empire: Total War RTS game for PC.


Napoleon: Total War hits shelves on 23 February 2010.

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