NaissanceE walks its stripped, lonely, first-person exploration to Steam

by: Randy -
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Here's one trying to slip under the radar: NaissanceE. It appears to be a first-person explorer set in some kind of stripped-down, science-fantasy construct made up of equal parts metaphor and loneliness. You know, art house gaming, or something. The art style is both complex and unfinished, polished and bare. I think it might be trying to drive me a little bit mad, quite on purpose. Maybe something like Myst, but taking place in the mind of a distant, calculating god, altering perceptions through the presence and absence of light and music.

If you made it through that entire paragraph, congratulations! This might be your kind of game. If you already puked all over my hipster gaming shoes, then you may be excused from the table. No no, you're fine, I'll go ahead and clean this up.

NaissanceE launched today on Steam.

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