NZXT announces a new cooler and a special edition case

by: Dan -
More On: Cryo E40 Switch 810
Over the last couple of weeks, NZXT has announced a couple of products that we first saw out at the 2012 CES in January.   The first of which is the Cryo E40 Notebook cooler.  What makes this particular cooling system special is that the fans are adjustable, using a magnetic system to move them around in the case to target those troublesome hot spots on your laptop.  The benefits to this type of setup are obvious, but having played a bit with the unannounced prototype at CES, it is easy to use and will help you get the most out of your cooling capabilities.  It looks like the Cryo E40 will be available sometime in May for around $27.99

The second “new” product is the Special Edition Switch 810, which is an update to their Hybrid full tower Switch 810.  The biggest update is that the community has spoken, and they want colors other than the white that was unveiled at the 2012 CES.  So the Special Edition will be made available yesterday in both gun metal Gray and Matte Black, both available for $179.   I was very impressed with the Switch 810 while viewing the white version at CES, so having the choice of three colors should make any gamer happy.  Check out the video of the Switch 810 below, as well as some images of the Cryo E40 and Switch 810 I took at CES.

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