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NYKO, who in my opinion produces some of the best 3rd party charging solutions for gamers, is back with the Charge Station Quad and Charge Station (2-port version) for the Sony Move. The Charge Station Quad for Move will hold up to four of the Move Motion or Navigation Controllers, uses AC power (no USB connection to the PS3 needed) and will charge faster than the standard connection. Simply drop the controllers into the charger to both store the controller and charge the internal batteries. The Charge Station Quad will have an MSRP of $29.99, while the two-port version will be at $19.99.

Nyko "Moves" Into Stores, Ready to Charge Up Your Game

Charge Station Quad for Move to Provide More Power Than Anything Else on the Shelf
LOS ANGELES - November 18, 2010

Leading game peripherals manufacturer, Nyko Technologies®, today announced that its Charge Station Quad for Move™ is now available in major retailers including GameStop. The Charge Station Quad is the only accessory that allows players to charge four PlayStation® Move™ controllers at a time.

“With this new device, we are continuing Nyko’s tradition of creating products that simplify or provide entirely new charging methods for every controller introduced this generation,” said Nyko’s director of marketing, Chris Arbogast. “The Charge Station Quad is a sleeker and more efficient way to store and charge your controllers, ensuring you’re always one-hundred percent ready to play.”

The Charge Station Quad holds any combination of four Move Motion controllers or Move Navigation controllers. The convenient drop-and-charge design recharges the internal batteries in the Move controllers, while AC power allows for faster charging without a tangle of wires back to the console. LED Charge Indicator lights display the charge status. The Charge Station Quad is the perfect complement to a PlayStation 3 and Move system.

The Charge Station Quad for Move is available for an MSRP of $29.99. A two-port version of the Charge Station is also available for an MSRP of $19.99.
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