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I got an IM from John earlier today saying that he wasn't feeling well and that he was going to go home for 40-60 hours.  I asked him what the symptoms were and he mentioned that he thought it was Obsidian based and that he had to go See Dr. Neverwinter to get the cure.  He also mentioned that the disease was rated T for Teen but I'm not sure what that means.

In completely unrelated (?) news, Atari sends word that NeverWinter Nights 2 is now available in stores.  The game features a cool new single player story mode, better control of your party members, and a new level building tool so you can create your own dungeons for you and your friends to explore.
- Highly-Anticipated Sequel to Award-Winning and Best-Selling Role Playing Game Transports Gamers Back to the Embattled City of Neverwinter -

NEW YORK, October 31, 2006 - Atari, Inc (Nasdaq: ATAR) and Obsidian Entertainment today announced that the highly-anticipated Neverwinter Nights 2 has shipped to stores nationwide.  Neverwinter Nights 2, the sequel to BioWare Corp.'s best-selling and genre-defining role-playing game, is set in the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Forgotten Realms® universe created by Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.
(NYSE: HAS), and will transport players back to the embattled city of Neverwinter.
 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is under license from the Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro.  Rated "T" for Teen, Neverwinter Nights 2 is available for Windows platform at a suggested retail price of $49.95.

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Neverwinter Nights 2 features a new, extensive single-player game with deep character development and a powerful new toolset that provides players with unprecedented ability to create their own universes, quests and storylines.  A limited edition of Neverwinter Nights 2 is also available at retailers nationwide for $59.95. Neverwinter Nights 2 Limited Edition features a robust array of collectibles including exclusive in-game content such as a powerful new feat called Blessed of Waukeen that will grant a bonus to all saving throws, two special items, access to a unique weapon, and a magical golden aura that surrounds players' characters. A detailed cloth map showing in-game locations, a book of art depicting characters and scenes from the game and two silver antique rings (Good & Evil) are also included.

"Obsidian has delivered an outstanding sequel to one of the most beloved RPGs of all time," said Nique Fajors, Vice President, Sales, Marketing, Atari, Inc.
"Neverwinter Nights 2 offers a deeply satisfying role-playing experience and a robust toolset that together will extend the life of the Neverwinter tales and bring more members to the community." 

The Neverwinter Nights franchise has sold more than two million copies worldwide, is translated into 10 languages, sold in more than 40 countries and features one of the largest and most active fan communities in all of gaming.

More information about Neverwinter Nights 2 can be found at www.nwn2.com, which includes user forums, project news, development updates and more.

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