NVIDIA's Tegra in next DS?

by: John -
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The NVIDIA Tegra chip's trying to make a big splash and lately it's doing pretty good. It's right now in the powerful Zune HD and there are some netbooks that are taking advantage of the low-power, high performance chip. Could Nintendo be next? There's talk that NVIDIA has won the contract to put the Tegra in the next version of the DS, which if so would make an incredible win for NVIDIA and a strong source of revenue.

if so, could NVIDIA also be supplier of the graphics chip for the console after the Wii? Right now, AMD has that business with the Hollywood powering the system but if NVIDIA wins the DS portion, it would make sense for NVIDIA to also supply the graphics for the next console as well. And if so, what about any backwards compatibility should this happen? We saw how much Microsoft had to go through when switching from NVIDIA to AMD for the 360 for some backwards compatibility so maybe we'd see the same thing happen if NVIDIA wins the console job after the Wii.

Anyways, this is all pretty much speculation at this point as we don't know how long before the next DS is coming about and if NVIDIA really did win the contract to put the Tegra in it. When there's more definite news, you can be sure I'll put that up.
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