NVIDIA offering a free copy of Duke Nukem Forever with their 3D Vision kit

by: John -
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For a limited time, NVIDIA's bundling in a digital copy of Duke Nukem Forever when you buy their GeForce 3D Vision Kit. The kit comes with glasses, an IR transmitter, and... well. if you read our reviews, then you know.

The kit's glasses are wireless so you won't be tethered to your computer. NVIDIA recently released some wired glasses that don't need the transmitter and is a little less expensive, but if you want to go with a wireless setup, $149 nets you the bundle. Remember, you'll need a 120Hz monitor to take advantage of 3D as well as a NVIDIA video card in your system.

I actually liked playing Duke using the glasses, but only in the parts where there were plenty of light. The game runs on the Unreal engine so it does well with 3D. It's just too bad the game's kinda, eh.

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