NVIDIA letting you enable 3D streaming on your website

by: John -
More On: GeForce 3D Vision
With consumer 3D recording devices such as phones and cameras making their way to the masses, what do you do with all that 3D content that you create? Yeah, you can show it off to your friends, but what about the web? Youtube has 3D capable uploads, but NVIDIA is letting you stream your own content on your website now.

NVIDIA has posted the instructions on how to stream 3D content from your own website using various Microsoft tools. NVIDIA will even list it on their 3DVision live website as well as providing updates to the software. All is well and good, but it'll probably take a good amount of bandwidth to do so. You can encode it in multiple bit rates with a max of 6mbps allowing for 1080p 3D goodness.

I've got FRAPS, which can record my 3D gaming content and I'll be picking up an EVO 3D so I do have a few options to create 3D content, but I just wish I had the bandwidth to do so cause I'd defiantly add some to the site if I could.
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