NVIDIA launches low budget Fermi card

by: John -
More On: GeForce GT 520
Today, NVIDIA announced the a new card for systems that are in need to find an inexpensive solution to replace the integrated graphics on the motherboard.

The GeForce GT 520 contains 48 CUDA cores and is clocked at 810MHz for the graphics, 1620MHz for the processors, and 900MHz DDR3 for the memory. Standard for the memory is 1GB.

As you can see, the card can be configured for half-height machines and it sounds like it would be great for HTPCs. You can even play 3D Blu-Ray using the card as well as view 3D video but don't expect to use this card for any 3D gaming.

Various companies are releasing the card now and will be an option for those looking at pre-built systems.

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