NVIDIA hoping to have Fermi for CES

by: John -
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This doesn't sound too good. Reports are that board partners will have some Fermi parts working on the show floor at CES but some thought that the card would be out before the end of the year. NVIDIA's got a lot riding on Fermi and to not have it out soon while AMD's putting out new cards (albeit in limited supply) isn't doing NVIDIA any good.

It's been a long time since the architecture for a NVIDIA has changed dramatically and Fermi is a bold step for the company. It's not a good sign if they can't get the cards out by the end of the year and only have a handful to show at CES. All this, of course, would be taken care of should Fermi be the big hit that NVIDIA thinks it is and is able to get it to the public at a reasonable time.

I'll be at CES as usual in January so I'm hoping there are plenty of partners showing this product to ensure that another video card option will be out there for consumers. It's always good to have multiple good cards ffrom multiple companies to choose from as competition drives innovation.
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