NVIDIA bringing PhysX to PlayStation 3 and Wii

by: John -
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Looks like NVIDIA's really pushing PhysX these past few days as two announcements have come out that might drive the adoption of the technology some more. First up, the PlayStation 3 is getting support for PhysX. Developers for the system will have access to the tools, API, and engine to utilize physics in their projects. Today, the Nintendo Wii gets their hands on PhysX as well. Those that currently have access to the Wii SDK will now also have access to the PhysX SDK as well. It's good that NVIDIA's getting this tech out to the hands of the developers for both systems so maybe we'll see some more products soon using it and hopefully if those projects also make it to the PC side we'll see support there as well utilizing NVIDIA cards to do some PhysX accelleration.
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