NVIDIA announces next GPU technology codenamed Fermi

by: John -
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We're talking 512 CUDA cores, NVIDIA Parallel DataCache, GigaThread 3.0 engine, and ECC support. This is "Fermi" or the next GPU coming from NVIDIA. It's designed to make parallel computing easier and deliver outstanding graphics as well. Support for up to 6GB of GDD5 memory is there and I'd love to see a card holding 6GB of ram on it.

Today they talked about their latest architecture but didn't give a release date on cards utilizing it yet. NVIDIA did say it will outperform the recently released card from their competitor (i.e. AMD Radeon HD 5870) but we won't know if that's true until we get the card in our hands to test out. Still, it's exciting to hear about a brand new architecture and I think it's about time NVIDIA moved past what they've been pumping out recently as a lot of have been rehashes of a year and a half old tech.

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