NHL 2011 kicks even more ass (Ultimate Team FTW!)

by: Ben Berry -
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There is no point in even having a Sports Game of the Year contest this year. Perennial winner EA's NHL 2011 should just be given the award now so they can print it on the box for shipping. On top of broken sticks, wall battles, enhanced hit physics and dozens of other new features, the game now features the Ultimate Team online mode. It's something I'm not terribly familiar with, as I don't play much FIFA or Madden, but it looks like a major enhancment to online play. Take Dynasty Mode and move it online against the whole world. According to GamePlayBook, the idea of this mode is similar to many of the add-ons I've seen recently in the fact that it is card based and provides a distinctly different feel from the rest of the game. I'll want to see a lot more of this mode before I put much emphasis on it, but I will say it seems like another way that the folks at EA are not resting on their laurels.
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