NFL Sunday Ticket returning to the PlayStation 3

by: Dan -
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Looks like we missed this one over the weekend, but Sony announced that they will be picking up the NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV once again in 2012.  Early this year, there was some concern that the service wasn’t going to be available as either a standalone product or as a streaming option, as references to PlayStation were removed from DirecTV’s site.

However, a deal was struck and any DirecTV subscriber with a NFL Sunday Ticket MAX plan will be able to stream all the out of market games for free form their PS3 starting Sunday, 9/9/12.  The great part is that anyone that doesn’t have DirecTV can purchase the Sunday Ticket to stream directly to their PS3 for only $299.  While it sounds like a lot of money, anyone that has gone to a bar to watch their favorite team play knows that over 16 weeks, that is cheaper than what you would spend on food and beverages.

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