NC Soft to go multi-platform

by: Chuck -
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It looks like NC Soft is getting ready to spread its MMO goodness from the PC according to this interview at GamingIndustry.  After seeing their new lineup of MMO games at E3 this year I can certainly see some of them doing well on the consoles.  Games like Soccer Fury and Dungeon Runners could do pretty well n the console and I think even something like Auto Assault could do well on consoles.  There's some weird stuff in there about using HTML as a go between but I'm not exactly sure where they are going with it. 

It would certainly help out NC Soft to do something different as the company has gone from being something of a highflier in 2004 and 2005 to struggling in 2006 (they had staff layoffs earlier this year).  The company's recently launch of Auto Assault meet with a lot of apathy (see Randy's review) and their upcoming game Tabula Rosa is still months away from seeing store shelves.  The move would also give NC Soft a leg up on MMO 800 lb gorilla World of Warcraft as they have yet to make any move towards the console market.
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