NBA Live 14 next gen demo launches on November 19th

by: Nathan -
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This coming Tuesday, gamers who own next gen consoles will be able to get their first taste of NBA Live 14 when the demo launches for the PS4. Xbox One owners will get the demo when the console launches on the 22nd.

Gamers will find a plethora of game modes they can try out including Tip-Off. Fans can play as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder, New York Knicks or the Golden State Warriors. Starting with the demo, the rosters, ratings and tendencies of all teams in the game will be updated throughout the season. Tip-Off mode can be played head-to-head in offline local play. 

Fans can also try out one of five Big Moments including last second buzzer-beaters to full quarter challenges allowing you to play as some of the most impressive players and teams this year. 

Finally, players can try LIVE Ultimate Team and take on a series of fantasy challenges. 

NBA Live 14 will be released on November 19th for both consoles so this is a great way to try before you buy. 

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