NBA Live 10 differentiats teams and players, even has the patented Wade traveling in the video

by: John -
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EA's really trying to make a better NBA Live game and here's a video demonstrating what they've done in NBA Live 10 in making teams and individual players different. Teams run different types of offenses and the video shows the patented triangle offense of the Lakers and the frustrating ISOs that Cleveland runs for Lebron James. Yeah, I hate it when they do that because it's usually when they are desperate. It was only just last season they started to move the ball around a lot more and producing a lot better result...except when they met up with Orlando.

The players also have different styles of play so you'll see players that do more of finishing at the rim play that way or those that pull up for the jumper in situations do that as well. Everything's looking good though so make me a believer EA.

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