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NBA LIVE's newest gameplay trailer has been released. The trailer showcases players like Kyrie Irving, Derrick Rose, and Steve Nash among many others showing off some of their best moves and making some pretty incredible baskets. It also briefly shows off the 5-on-5 gameplay fans can expect to play after the game's release.

The end of the trailer also advertises the game's preorder bonus of seven gold Ultimate Team packs. Ultimate Team will let players build their own rosters of current and retired all-stars, play in online matchups, and earn coins to buy new players, uniforms and more via fantasy basketball challenges.

Check out the trailer below:

NBA LIVE 14 comes out in North America on November 19 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and worldwide on November 22 for Xbox One and November 29 for PlayStation 4.

October 18, 2013 - Today NBA LIVE 14 launched its official extended gameplay trailer with new footage showcasing additional NBA teams and stars. The new trailer features an extended look at gameplay and signature styles of players like Kemba Walker, Damian Lillard and more. Fans will also get a look at 5-on-5 gameplay, providing the first taste of what to expect when the game launches on November 19. The full trailer can be viewed here.
Fans who choose to pre-order NBA LIVE 14 will also have the opportunity to secure seven Gold Packs for NBA LIVE 14 Ultimate Team at participating retailers. Ultimate Team wallows players to experience the perfect combination of NBA LIVE and fantasy basketball, allowing individuals to build a star-studded roster composed of the brightest modern NBA stars and all-time legends. Compete online in head-to-head matchups or take part in Fantasy Showdown challenges in order to earn coins that allow you to purchase new packs of players, uniforms, coaches and more, all in the name of building the most dominant line-up possible. More information about NBA LIVE 14 Ultimate Team will hit on Monday. 
Those eagerly anticipating the launch of NBA LIVE 14 are reminded that new information will be constantly added to the NBA LIVE website. Blogs, developer diaries, in-depth looks at the technology powering the game and more will prepare fans for the start of the NBA LIVE season.
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