NBA 2K14 Pro Stick dev diary

by: Sean Colleli -
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Basketball videogames have done a pretty good job of translating the fundamentals of the game to a controller over the years, but an unmistakable aspect of the sport is the ability to show off and add some style to how you play. NBA 2K14 adds this ability with the Pro Stick functionality. By holding down a shoulder trigger and manipulating the right analog stick, you gain tighter control over dribbling and by clicking the stick you can even pull off stylish trick passes. Check out the dev diary for more info.
2K today released the all-new trailer for NBA2K14 “Pro Stick Controls”. The Dev Diary content features Senior Producer Rob Jones and others discussing how gamers will see major updates to the game’s controls, with the greatest advancement being the “Pro Stick.”  The “Pro Stick” is the most intuitive controls feature to ever be implemented into a basketball game. This will allow gamers to execute show-stopping moves, make intricate shots, and distribute flashy no-look passes with pinpoint accuracy while using the “Pro Stick” control.  Check out the Controls trailer to see all of these moves and more in action.
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