NARC Ships March 22

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Midway announced today that the long-awaited followup to the arcade hit NARC will ship on March 22 for the PS2 and Xbox. It'll feature high quality production values at a $19.95 price point. Well, you can't beat that price, that's for sure.

A Guilty Pleasure That Will Get You Hooked

Midway Games today announced that NARC will ship to retail outlets nationwide for $19.95. Offering a high production value at impulse pricing, NARC is a guilty pleasure that will keep gamers hooked. A mission-based 3rd-person action game set against a stylized, modern-day backdrop of the War on Drugs, NARC pits gamers as members of an elite narcotics squad; Marcus Hill, a DEA Agent with a squeaky clean image and Jack Forzenski, a cop on probation and fresh out of rehab. Together they investigate a new mystery drug that has hit the streets called Liquid Soul. In the fight against a powerful international drug cartel Marcus and Jack will face temptation as they choose to walk the thin blue line as a clean cop or follow the path of cover-ups, payoffs and unlawful brutatilty as a dirty cop. NARC will ship for the PlayStation®2 and Xbox™ on March 22, 2005.

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