N-Space working on 3 games for 3DS

by: Sean Colleli -
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Aside from the battery life, the 3DS is an impressive piece of portable gaming hardware. But the current game lineup? Meeeeeeeh. This looks like a job for veteran DS developer n-Space, and they're taking to that job with the enthusiasm they're known for. In this 3DS Connect interview with n-Space founder Dan O'Leary, he talks about how his studio is getting their feet wet with the 3DS and how they have 3 new titles in development for the handheld, to be unveiled near or at E3 next month. The interview is an interesting perspective on the 3DS from the developer's point of view, one we haven't seen so much in the wake of the portable's release.

While Mr. O'Leary is neither confirming nor denying a new Call of Duty, considering n-Space's prolific history with that franchise on the DS I wouldn't be surprised if they're working on Modern Warfare 3DS. I'd also love to see another James Bond game, maybe even a 3DS re-release of GoldenEye, after the great job they did on DS GoldenEye and Blood Stone last year. Of course I'd love to see a Geist remake or sequel as well, but we'll just have to wait and see.
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