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Still waiting to buy an N-gage? Well now's your chance as the price on the device and the software is being dropped dramatically. You can now score the N-Gage QD for around $100 and games at price points $14.99 and $24.99. It's a shame more people don't try this out as it's actually a solid phone and gaming platform.
Nokia Announces New Price Point For N-Gage QD and Games

New prices help fuel consumer demand for mobile gaming

March 14, 2005 – Nokia today announced new pricing for N-Gage QD and games. The new price points are $99.99 prepaid for an N-Gage QD and $14.99 to $24.99 price tiers for N-Gage games.

“These new price points make it even easier to get your hands on an N-Gage QD and games to experience the thrill of mobile connected gaming,” said Gerard Wiener, Director and General Manager, Games, Nokia. “The N-Gage QD combines the best of phones and games which means it’s always with you when you need a quick fix of gaming. Our latest N-Gage titles provide great gaming experiences, whether it’s a four-player Bluetooth session of Snakes, or providing back-up for your friend’s Pathway to Glory platoon on the other side of the world through the N-Gage Arena.”

This new price point will allow select retailers like GameStop and Musicland to offer the N-Gage QD for $99.99 as a prepaid solution and potentially even less through operator channels depending on service contracts. The new pricing for N-Gage games also makes it easier for N-Gage fans to pick up the latest N-Gage titles at even more attractive prices. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryTM, available at the end of this month, will be the first new N-Gage game to launch with the adjusted pricing levels, while the existing games catalog will benefit immediately from the new prices.

“Having the N-Gage QD available in the US market at $99.99 as a prepaid wireless alternative provides a very simple “cash and carry” solution and is also a very attractive consumer price,” said Andrew Elliott, Senior Manager, Games and Channel Business Development for the Americas. “The N-Gage QD and its games, which offer engrossing game play, 3D capabilities, and support the multiplayer community, offer a very compelling experience at a superior value.”

Nokia expects the new prices to be reflected in channel on March 17, 2005 and later in some retail and carrier store locations
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