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My, what big hype you build...

by: Jeremy -
More On: Little Red Riding Hood
 Not only are we very close to receiving a sequel to American McGee's Alice, but an image courtesy of American McGee's Flickr page shows that we may be making a trip to grandmother's house as well.  Supposedly, American McGee and his development company will be shopping a psopsal around for the title at the upcoming Game Developer's Conference.  Spicy Horse, McGee's development company, knows what they want out of a mature themed Little Red Riding Hood game, they just need the backing of a publisher. 
The original Alice is one of my favorite games, particularly for its dark take on the Alice in Wonderland story.  If the darkness of that game is any indication, Little Red Riding Hood could potentially be a gothic gore-fest... and I would be all over it.  Hopefully the events of GDC 2010 will lead to us getting a publication announcement for the project...

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