My top 10 games of the last generation: 7. Super Monday Night Combat

by: Nathan -
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I have always been a fan of the "futuristic deathsport" genre whether it's in TV, movies or Videogames. Games like Smash TV, Blast Chamber, and even TV shows like American Gladiators come to mind. When the original Monday Night Combat made it's way onto Xbox Live Arcade, It had a colorful cast of characters, an amusing announcer and addicting, fast paced, deathmatch style gameplay. It also had an incredibly fun co-operative mode where it was pretty much a third person tower defense game. It kept me hooked for a while, but eventually, I moved on. 

Years later, I was walking around PAX East and saw a little booth for Super Monday Night Combat. I couldn't remember the last time I was that excited. I had no idea that a sequel to one of my favorite games on the Xbox 360 was getting a sequel. It was at this time that I figured out that it was PC only which is why I probably never heard of it. I sat down at the computer, and got destroyed by my opponents. It wasn't until I got home from PAX and downloaded the game that I discovered that it was now a MOBA.

This was the first game from the MOBA genre that I ever played and I learned fast and hard just how difficult the learning curve is in these kind of games. I have over 1000+ hours clocked in Super Monday Night Combat and I enjoyed every single second of it. It is a free to play game so like League of Legends and SMITE, the fact that you can earn in game cash after each game is what keeps me playing. I love having something to work towards, and in most of these FTP games, it's new characters. Super Monday Night Combat took everything I loved about the first game, added in great new characters and new mechanics. It was still the fact paced, action packed shooter that made the first game fun, but added layers of strategy and teamwork. 

Sadly, Super Monday Night Combat never really took off. The servers are still online but hardly anyone plays anymore and Uber Entertainment has moved on to other projects. I really hope that Monday Night Combat returns again in the future because it's such a fun and underrated IP that I think deserves it's chance to shine. Even though the sun may have set on Super Monday Night Combat, I'll cherish the wonderful memories it gave me for a lifetime.  

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