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My radar, meet Binary Domain; Binary Domain, meet my radar

by: Nathaniel -
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Innovation seems to be hard to come by in modern shooters.  Any feature that innovates and excites for even a second is quickly buried under piles of similar titles that seek to capture whatever audience might still exists for the concept.  Often, it seems like little thought is put into anything other than copying whatever gameplay mechanic is being idolized.  This lack of innovation means that when it does come, it deserves our attention.  Sega's Binary Domain seems to be just such a title, not because it's another squad-based cover shoot, but because of its trust and consequence systems.  Give your squad bad orders, and they won't listen the next time you give them an order.  That's combined with a conversation system that affects trust as well.  Insult them, or just come off as someone with no leadership qualities and they'll also ignore your commands, along with being less effective in combat.  However, prove to be a strong leader and your squad will operate like a well-oiled machine.  I'll admit, the idea of leadership consequences and mid-battle dialogue options that affect trust could be an absolute disaster, or it could be the next cool feature that every publisher rushes to copy.  Watch the following narrated gameplay video and judge for yourself.  Binary Domain is set for release this coming February on the Xbox 360 and PS3.