My Top 10 Games of the last generation: 10. Dead Rising

by: Nathan -
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The PS4 was released last Friday and this week the Xbox One makes it's debut officially putting us into the next generation of videogames. There have been so many great games released last generation that I decided to countdown my favorite games. 

Today, I kick the countdown off with the game that showed me exactly what was possible in next generation gaming. 

You look at Dead Rising today and you might not think much of it, but the reason I am putting this game on my list is because it’s the game that made me make the jump into next gen gaming. When I looked at the original Xbox 360 launch line up, I was pretty unimpressed with what I saw and was more than happy keeping my PS2 and original Xbox. Then about a year later, a little game called Dead Rising snuck up on me. I decided to buy an Xbox 360 and Dead Rising. I was so happy that I did. 

I love zombies and Dawn of the Dead so the idea of running around a shopping mall killing zombies was right up my alley. Yes the game had it’s problems but that didn’t stop me from sinking hundreds of hours into it. Running around the mall, killing hundreds of zombies with a variety of different weapons was so much fun. I would say that a large majority of my time in the game was spent killing zombies and not even worrying about the main story. It blew my mind at the time that having that many zombies on screen at once was even possible in gaming. With each new area I saw and with each new zombie herd I had to avoid, I just sat there in awe at what I was experiencing.

Here we are, with the Xbox One a few days away and Dead Rising has one again made me make the jump into next gen gaming. I just hope that Dead Rising 3 brings back those wonderful memories I had killing hundreds of zombies on my Xbox 360.

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