MvC3 has a story... sort of

by: Jeremy -
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If you thought that Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds would be nothing but nonstop pugilism... you were wrong, sort of... kind of...

As it turns out, there IS a story buried in there. Actually, based on the presentations that were given back at Captivate, the storyline of the game is going to be a very integral part of the game’s experience. A few weeks back, at the New York Comic-con, Capcom finally revealed a “little bit” of information regarding the storyline that the game will follow.

According to an excerpt displayed at the show:

Victor Von Doom has assembled the greatest villains his world has to offer. But there are other worlds than theirs... Together with the diabolical Albert Wesker, a villain from another such world, this unholy alliance will join their respective universes in an effort to conquer both. But doing so has come with a terrible price. A great and powerful threat has been awakened... a threat that will set in motion a battle the likes of which niether world has ever known. A battle that will decide the fate of two worlds!

Hopefully the final version of the game fleshes out the story a lot better than that. Then again, this is a fighting game after all... who needs a story? 
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