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Twisted Pixel announced yesterday that their upcoming summer title for XBLA, Ms. Splosion Man, is entering a public early access period. You can start registering now to get access to preview the game come June 6th. Between then and June 26th, 10,000 players will test two multiplayer levels per week, as well as the Trial content.

For applicant prerequisites, read on for the full press release.

May 24th, 2011 - Austin, TX - Ms. Splosion Man, the highly anticipated follow up to the 2009
award-winning Summer of Arcade hit Splosion Man, is slated for release early summer 2011
on Xbox LIVE® Arcade. Microsoft Game Studios and Twisted Pixel invite you to preview the
exhilarating multiplayer action by enlisting in the Ms. Splosion Man Public Early Access. This
type of testing doesn’t happen often in XBLA, and the studio is excited to be one of the first to
offer an early access program such as this. Registration begins May 24th, and the early access
period begins on June 6th.

This early access will be open to 10,000 entrants for the three weeks between June 6th and
June 26th. During the early access period, two different multiplayer levels will be available each
week, in addition to Trial content. “To make the best multiplayer game possible, we are enlisting
the help of our friends and fans to beat the ever living crap out of our game and tell us what is
wrong with it,” says the game’s Director, Josh Bear.

Interested parties are asked to visit to enter. And participants
are asked to email with bug reports and comments. Be sure to
get your registration in quick, MGS and TPG expect this Public Early Access to fill up fast.

Eligible applicants must:
● Be one of the 10,000 registrants chosen to participate.
● Own a retail Xbox 360 console with a hard drive.
● Have an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.
● Have broadband Internet access at home.
● Be willing to play the early access with others in the program if they know them or not.
● Have time to play with numerous online gamers, and time to provide copious feedback.

To apply:
1. Click Here
2. If prompted, sign in with your Windows Live ID (you may also need to register with
Connect if you've not done so before).
3. Complete the survey.
4. Click Submit.

Processing submissions may take some time, so please be patient. If you have any issues with
Connect during the application process, email
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