Move with echochrome ii on December 21

by: John -
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echochrome was a pretty fun little puzzle game where you rotated the levels around in order to get your little guy to the goal. Well, the echochrome ii is going to utilize the Move controller and offer up a puzzle game that's a little different from the first game.

Your goal is still to get the little guy to the goal but instead of rotating the level around, you use the Move controller like a flashlight to cast a shadow from the blocks on the screen. The shadow is where the the character walks around in and based on the angle of the shadow you cast, it will generate a platform for it to walk and get to the goal.

What's also cool is that you can generate your own levels and rather than putting blocks in various places to create a shadow, you make the shadow and the game automatically generates the blocks to create the shadow you desire. This should go a long way in making it easier for users to generate their own content and I'm sure we're going to get some pretty creative shadows from the community.

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