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Of all companies, Disney is releasing a new portable called the GAME!T.  The handhelds seem like a hybrid of the arcade TV game controllers that are littering Wal-Mart shelves and a Game Boy.  They can be played on the go by way of a 2.5 inch LCD screen, or plugged into a TV for a home experience.  Buena Vista games is developing the Disney-themed software, which, like other TV-style games, is hard-burned into the consoles.  Two individual systems are being released, each loaded with twelve games.  These aren't mainstream market competition, but a nice alternative for the 5-year-old demanding a $250 PSP. 
Performance Designed Products (PDP), manufacturer of VG Pocket, today announced a new line of portable gaming devices featuring popular Disney characters. The new Disney GAMEiT! personal arcade system is both a portable device that can be played on the go, and a plug-and-play system that be connected to a TV for large screen game play. The units will be available in two styles: "Classic Pals" featuring beloved classic characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck; and "Princess Pals" featuring characters from popular Disney animated films including Sebastian and Flounder from The Little Mermaid, and more.

Designed by Disney Electronics, Disney GAMEiT! will offer fun-filled multi-level game play on a 2.5" high resolution LCD screen featuring Disney-themed designs to complement the rich Disney gaming experience. Each unit will be loaded with 12 new games (for a total of 24) developed by Buena Vista Games exclusively for Disney GAMEiT!. The "Classic Pals" design will feature easy to play games such as, "Mickey's Apple Cart," "Goofy's Milk Mania"and "Donald's Tugboat Adventures" among others. The "Princess Pals" design will include pick-up-and-play games like, "Fairy Godmother's Pumpkin Surprise," "Sebastian's Treasure Hunt" and "Flounder's Starry Night."    

Disney GAMEIT Starter Kits will be available separately and will offer complementary accessories to complete the plug-and-play experience. It will include items such as an interchangeable faceplate, a carrying case and a set of A/V cables.

"We are very pleased to offer family-friendly, portable entertainment to young Disney fans through their favorite characters," said Paul Chen, vice president of licensing, PDP. "The simple game play mechanics combined with the convenient portability and optional plug-and-play functions truly make this system ideal for all budding gamers."

Developed for kids ages six and older, the Disney GAMEiT! line will be available this September at major retailers nationwide. The "Classic Pals" and "Princess Pals" units will each retail for $39.99 MSRP, the Starter Kits will retail for $14.95 MSRP. To get the full experience and a first look at game play, please visit the new interactive website

About PDP
Performance Designed Products (PDP) headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, is a creative force which designs, develops and manufactures video game systems, accessories and audio peripherals for the consumer electronics channel.  PDP is the parent company to four exciting brands:  Pelican, the premier 3rd party video game accessory company in North America; Score, an innovative offering of video game cases and bags; Headbanger Audio, a high-end line of performance cables and audio products; and VG Pocket, showcasing a line of entry and mid level Portable Gaming Systems.  Performance Designed Products is committed to providing consumers with quality innovative products to enhance their entertainment experience and lifestyle.
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